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Must See: Street Children Is a Celebration of the Beautiful and Tragic Queer New York of the 80s


The new off-Broadway play Street Children shines an unrelenting light on the queer subcommunities of downtown New York in the 1980s, specifically the sex workers of the Christopher Street Piers. 

Street Children follows the story of two transgender women and their gay friend navigating life on the dangerous and oft-deadly streets of the West Village after the untimely death of their House Mother. It's beautifully designed, directed, and performed, never shying away from the pervasive drugs and violence that permeated the time. 

The play stars JP Moraga, Victor Almanzar, and OUT 100 honoree Eve Lindley. It's directed by Jenna Worsham and written by Pia Scala-Zankel.

"Everyone searches for and needs a family, but for them the stakes could not have been higher because it was about all about survival," Scala-Zankel said in a recent interview. "They also had—and still have—the courage that most of us will never know; to live as themselves, no matter what, even if they know they might die for it. Street Children was born out of these deeply moving and profound truths."

Street Children runs through December 17th at the New Ohio Theater in the West Village. Tickets are available here.

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