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Lost in music: Creating safe spaces and embracing identity through dance

Sometimes, it's those small moments in our lives that make a lasting impact. In this insightful article by Raja Feather Kelly, discover the power of creating safe spaces and embracing authenticity.

I kicked and screamed as a soccer dad, until I realized I’m going to miss this one day

A gay dad shares his struggles steering his son through the competitive world of NYC youth soccer tryouts—and the hard truths he learned on the sidelines about himself and his fatherhood duties.

This nonbinary student activist has some powerful words as equalpride's 2024 valedictorian

Scar Rulien is equalpride’s inaugural Valedictorian for the Class of 2024 and a Student Advocate for GLSEN, the nation’s leading organization working to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual and gender identities.

From paradise to peace, a queer Bahamian's struggle for finding acceptance

As both Pride Month and Caribbean American Heritage Month unfold, explore the journey of a queer Bahamian seeking refuge, finding liberation in a new land, and using the power of storytelling in the fight for equality.

A special Pride Month message from equalpride's CEO

As we celebrate Pride Month amidst rising opposition, equalpride remains committed to amplifying diverse LGBTQ+ voices, honoring our history, and continuing the fight for equality, unity, and justice for all.

When giants fall: honoring our LGBTQ+ elders

Having just celebrated LGBTQ+ Elders Day earlier in May, how do we honor the leadership and legacies of those who have championed our rights?

Head over heels (in the worst sense)

Have you ever stayed in a harmful relationship out of fear or love? Read one man's journey to break free from abuse.

How I found my freedom in Frida Kahlo's fashion

Paloma Lamona's photo series explores the profound impact of Frida Kahlo's legacy, blending fashion, art, and self-discovery to speak on the shared experiences of Mexican womanhood.

'The Chi's Monroe Alise talks her journey, acting & finding her true self

As The Chi returns this week, one of the hit show'sbreakout stars reflects on her personal and professional journey as a trans woman.

Let's talk sperm with Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

With a global decline in sperm health, and its implications for future reproduction, Dr. Gonzalez writes for greater awareness on the issue — and what individuals can do to take proactive health measures.

From awareness to action: Mobilizing for HIV/AIDS awareness days

National HIV/AIDS Awareness Days play a pivotal role in breaking down the stigma associated with HIV, fostering crucial conversations and actions aimed at ending the epidemic through targeted outreach and education across diverse communities.

30+ years of The Dinah: A global, queer-affirming celebration

The Dinah, celebrating over three decades of queer inclusivity, showcases a transformative five-day event that highlights the power of unity, acceptance, and the joy of collective celebration.

Queer, proud, & vocal: Matt Cullen is sharing heartfelt LGBTQ+ stories

YouTuber Matt Cullen shares his experience documenting the journeys of LGBTQ+ individuals through heartfelt conversations.

Why loneliness is the biggest approaching threat to our community

Increasing isolation impacts the LGBTQ+ community. Without significant social engagement and community support, the physical and mental health consequences could be dire.

Celebrating trans resilience on TDOV—and beyond

Author and speaker Willy Chang Wilkinson opens up about the power of community and trans joy amid ongoing challenges.

Giselle Byrd on the ongoing fight for trans visibility in the arts

The Theater Offensive's new Executive Director - and the first Black trans woman to lead a regional theatre company in the United States - on breaking barriers, championing trans visibility, and challenging system inequities in the arts.

Breaking barriers & building empowerment with TransTech

E.C. Pizarro III on his journey that underscores the transformative power of technology and inclusion for queer and trans people of color.

How I bring larger-than-life queer icons to the canvas

Celebrating queer icons in large-scale, unadorned portraits, Peter Erik Lopez captures the essence and humanity of queer individuals, defying art world critiques and embracing the vibrancy and courage of the LGBTQ+ community.

How I bring positivity and laughter online

Antonio 'Tony Talks' Baldwin transforms everyday quirks into a comedic feast on social media, crafting a digital space of inclusivity and laughter inspired by a lifelong passion for spreading joy.

My unapologetic journey on embracing resilience and authenticity

Kevin Aviance's life story unfolds as a vibrant symphony of resilience and artistry, deeply resonating within the black queer community and leaving an indelible mark on society's cultural tapestry.