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Glen Powell's wet t-shirt scene was ALMOST cut from 'Twisters'

Can you imagine the movie without this VERY important scene???

Meet the cast of the upcoming queer zombie movie we're already obsessed with

The cast of the upcoming horror comedy Queens of the Dead is absolutely stacked!

'Twisters' is a heart-pounding thrill ride held back by its flaws—but how gay is it?

Universal Pictures' new thriller lives up to the action hype but falls short on characters.

Here's how 'Red, White & Royal Blue' stars & creators reacted to their Emmy nom

The only people more excited than us for a RWRB Emmy nom are the people who made it!

Charli XCX says 'brat' may be her final album

Please say sike, Charli! PLEASE!

Remember when Glenn Close & Amy Adams played J.D. Vance's family in a Razzie-nominated movie?

While Hillbilly Elegy is a terrible film, Vance would be an even worse Vice President.

'Divorce in the Black' star Meagan Good shares a stigma about divorce she used to believe

Out got the chance to sit down with the stars of Tyler Perry's latest Amazon Prime Video drama.

'Longlegs' is ghoulish, gritty, great—but how gay is it?

Nicholas Cage and Maika Monroe face off in this serial killer classic.

Danny Ramirez & Joaquin Phoenix are playing lovers in Todd Haynes' next film

Haynes previously said the movie will be rated NC-17.

'Sing Sing' star Colman Domingo talks the importance of creativity for healing & redemption

Out got the chance to speak with the Oscar nominee about his stellar performance in A24's latest drama.

Which songs are ScarJo & Channing Tatum lip syncing for their lives to? (No, not 'Run the World')

Out sat down with the two icons to chat about their new film Fly Me to the Moon!

Colman Domingo, formerly incarcerated actors soar in 'Sing Sing'—but how gay is it?

The new A24 drama is one of the best acted movies of the year so far.

Remember when Twink King Troye Sivan played Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman is notthe only actor to play Wolverine in a live action movie.

​Elliot Page's new film 'Close to You' drops trailer & we're sobbing​

We couldn't be more excited about this new project from Elliot Page!

Kevin Feige 'knows what pegging is' because of the 'Deadpool' movies

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is welcoming Deadpool to the MCU.

Sharon Stone says Kevin Spacey 'should be allowed to come back' after sexual abuse allegations

"Kevin grabbed people by their genitals. Many people. But nobody [has publicly said] he's raped them or forced them into a sexual encounter," the actress said.

The screams queens of 'Maxxxine' talk crafting a killer finale to an epic horror trilogy

Out sat down with Lily Collins, Halsey, Elizabeth Debicki, and director Ti West to talk all things LA, horror, and Maxxxine, A24's exciting finale to the beloved X trilogy.

Here's what the celebs at the 'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F' premiere love about the gays

Pride Month may be over, but these celebs want to keep the love for the LGBTQ+ community going all year long!