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Here's how you can watch Pedro Pascal & Ethan Hawke's underrated gay cowboy movie

It turns out, cowboys really are frequently, secretly fond of each other.

11 celebs who love their LGBTQ+ siblings

These A-Listers will always have their queer siblings' backs!

Lily Gladstone's upcoming project is almost here—and she's playing a queer character

Gladstone plays a queer, indigenous woman searching for her missing sister in the upcoming film Fancy Dance.

Every time Lady Gaga appears in the 'Joker: Folie à Deux' trailer

It's Lady Gaga's world and we just want to live in it!

April 12, 2024

Meet Tonatiuh, the queer actor starring in Jennifer Lopez's new movie

The out heartthrob was just cast in Kiss of the Spider Woman with JLo herself!

Sorry straight women of TikTok, mustaches and tote bags don't make your boyfriend gay

A new TikTok trend is celebrating "beautiful girls" who "have a little gay boyfriend" and it's annoying AF!

Let's all leave Ricky Martin (and his pants) alone

Ricky Martin's pants caused quite the stir at a recent Madonna concert.

'Gay pop' has been a thing for years—here are 25 definitive classics

We love you JoJo Siwa, but "gay pop" has been around for DECADES.

15 famous LGBTQ+ couples who have been together for over 10 years

These couples prove that love is not a lie!

April 8, 2024

April 5, 2024

'Queer Eye's new Fab Five member Jeremiah Brent says there's 'no drama' with the cast

"It's really healthy right now," he said. "I think we're all really excited about this season."

After 'Euphoria,' Hunter Schafer says she 'just doesn't want to do' trans roles

The Euphoria and Cuckoo star is ready to move on.

April 3, 2024

Meet Katy O'Brian, breakout star & heartthrob of 'Love Lies Bleeding'

Learn more about Katy O’Brian’s background, relationship status, and future projects!