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Robbie Rogers, Tom Daley, Michael Sam, Gareth Thomas -- these athletes are paving new ground in the world of sports as openly gay, out-and-proud players. At both the collegiate and professional level, sports have historically been the last frontier for LGBT acceptance, and homophobia still runs rampant in locker rooms and on playing fields across the United States and Europe. Gay athletes and anti-bullying activists like Ben Cohen, former pro English rugby player, are fighting to change the game and create more inclusive spaces for LGBT players everywhere. Follow Out for all the latest on gay sports.

Meet newly out Formula One racing legend Ralf Schumacher & his boyfriend Etienne

Schumacher, who is part of the legendary Schumacher racing family, publicly came out recently in an emotional post on social media.

15 celebs who absolutely served at Wimbledon 2024

While the tennis players were serving on the court, these celebrities were serving all sorts of chic looks on the sidelines!

These 7 athletes came out as LGBTQ+ in 2024 (so far)

Even more queer representation in the world of sports!

40 LGBTQ+ athletes we'll be rooting for at the 2024 Olympics

Who's ready for Paris 2024!?

Gus Kenworthy's open letter to the LGBTQ+ Paris Olympians

The gay silver medalist offers queer pearls of wisdom for LGBTQ+ athletes competing at this year's Olympic Games.

Carl Nassib celebrates 3-year anniversary of coming out & making NFL history

The retired NFL star is reminiscing about his historic coming out.

8 Olympic sports that'll have the gays glued to their TVs & zooming in

We're already VERY excited about the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Colton Underwood opens up about 'homoerotic' locker room experiences & his first hookups

The Bachelor star shared details about his first hookups with men and how he navigated "homoerotic" locker rooms.

Carl Nassib is going shirtless on his France trip & oui love it

Celebs are officially turning this into a Single Boy Body Summer!

22 athletic queer power couples we're always rooting for

These LGBTQ+ sports couples give us life!

These LGBTQ+ celebrity couples broke up in 2024 (so far)

Various reports and social media updates indicate that these LGBTQ+ celebrity couples are no longer together.

20 out & proud pro wrestlers to follow this Pride Month

There's nothing we love more than a hot queer in wrestling trunks!

Pro wrestler 'Dirty Bulk' Bronson comes out as bisexual & we're SWEATING

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star is celebrating Pride Month by sharing his coming-out story!

Zaya & Dwyane Wade are starting a non-profit for queer youth of color

"Over the next few months, we will be rolling out content, resource guides, and interactive features," Zaya Wade announced.

Colton Underwood calls out Harrison Butker's misogynistic & homophobic commencement speech

The Coming Out Colton star slammed the NFL player's comments referring to Pride Month and LGBTQ+ people as "deadly sins."

It's official: Twunk icon Tom Daley is heading to the 2024 Olympics

This will be Daley's fifth Olympic games.

Meet Byron Perkins, the only out player in the 2024 NFL draft (& our new football crush!)

He'll definitely make non-football watchers tune in.

Sophia Bush defends Ashlyn Harris in emotional essay about sexuality

Sophia Bush and Ashley Harris were accused of cheating on each of their spouses.