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Robbie Rogers, Tom Daley, Michael Sam, Gareth Thomas -- these athletes are paving new ground in the world of sports as openly gay, out-and-proud players. At both the collegiate and professional level, sports have historically been the last frontier for LGBT acceptance, and homophobia still runs rampant in locker rooms and on playing fields across the United States and Europe. Gay athletes and anti-bullying activists like Ben Cohen, former pro English rugby player, are fighting to change the game and create more inclusive spaces for LGBT players everywhere. Follow Out for all the latest on gay sports.

Meet Wesley Campbell, Out Gay Figure Skater Who's Now Coaching

Check out 25 steamy photos of the pro figure skater has moved on to coaching new up-and-coming skaters.

Gus Kenworthy Opens Up About 'Absolute Body Dysmorphia'

No matter who you are, body image issues can be difficult to deal with.

32 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet

So is the future of football finally becoming more and more LGBTQ-inclusive?

Watch Bad Bunny & Gael Garcia Bernal Make Out in New 'Cassandro' Clip

Things are getting hot in here!

Meet Kennedy McDowell, Colorado State's Out Gay Football Player

He plays in the Mountain West Conference within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Josh Cavallo Talks 'Drag Race' & His Big Impact in the World of Sports

During an interview with Out, soccer player Josh Cavallo talked about his appearance on Drag Race and his fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the world of sports.

Gay Rower Robbie Manson Qualifies for 2024 Olympics, Keeps Updating OF

The New Zealander rower has officially qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Anthony Bowens Is Ready to Scissor His Way to the Top of the Wrestling World

The self-described "Scissor King" and All Elite Wrestling pro talks to Out about the origins of his nickname, being out in the sports world, the future of his career, and more!

After Making NFL History, Carl Nassib Is Retiring

The first out gay football player in the league played for Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Tampa Bay.

The First Fabuloso Trailer for Gay Wrestling Movie 'Cassandro' Is Here

Gael García Bernal and Bad Bunny star in this biopic about an iconic gay luchador!

These Cheerleaders Are Making History As the NFL's 1st Gay Cheer Captains

“Knowing that our teammates voted for us to be in this position is a really special feeling," Jose Capetillo revealed.

Zaya Wade Praises Dad Dwyane Wade on Hall of Fame Induction

"He is one of my best friends. I love you dad.”

Here's Why Some Fans Think Carl Nassib Might Be Retiring From Football

The NFL preseason has already begun, but Carl Nassib is not on any team’s roster.

Meet Tomás González, the Olympic Gymnast Who Just Came Out As Gay

The Chilean athlete competed in three Olympics and earned himself several gold medals in different tournaments.

NFL Coach Kevin Maxen Comes Out, Makes History

The Jacksonville Jaguars coach also talked about his boyfriend of two years.

16 Cute Pics of Carl Nassib & Søren Dahl That Are Couple Goals

The NFL star and the Olympic swimmer are a powerful couple!

Tinashe's Response to Lance Armstrong's Comments on Trans Athletes Was Perfect

Armstrong, who cheated his way to winning seven Tour de Frances, said trans athletes aren't "being fair" during an episode of Stars on Mars.

Byron Perkins Opens Up About What Made Him Finally Want to Come Out

The first openly gay football player at an HBCU reminded us all he simply is who he is.