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Robbie Rogers, Tom Daley, Michael Sam, Gareth Thomas -- these athletes are paving new ground in the world of sports as openly gay, out-and-proud players. At both the collegiate and professional level, sports have historically been the last frontier for LGBT acceptance, and homophobia still runs rampant in locker rooms and on playing fields across the United States and Europe. Gay athletes and anti-bullying activists like Ben Cohen, former pro English rugby player, are fighting to change the game and create more inclusive spaces for LGBT players everywhere. Follow Out for all the latest on gay sports.

'Ted Lasso' Introduces Show's First Gay Character

Three seasons in, the beloved, Emmy-winning football comedy FINALLY shows some representation for LGBTQ+ players.

San Jose Sharks Goalie 2nd NHL Player to Refuse Wearing Pride Jersey

"People would understand if I wouldn’t be able to wear a Muslim jersey in warm-ups, promoting the Muslim faith, being a Christian and a follower in Christ," Reimer explained.

UFC's Jeff Molina Comes Out As Bisexual After Intimate Video Leak

He has become the first openly LGBTQ+ male fighter in the UFC.

Who Is Taylor Lewan, the Mystery Man Jeffree Star Has Been Teasing?

Get to know the NFL star who’s been recently attached to Jeffree Star.

Antoni & JVN Talk Their New Super Bowl Commercial & 'Queer Eye' S7

The Queer Eye stars appear in a new Super Bowl commercial from General Motors and Netflix.

30 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet

So is the future of football finally becoming more and more LGBTQ-inclusive?

15 Sexy Pics of Olympic Athlete Matthew Mitcham Who Joined OnlyFans

The Australian diver won a gold medal at the Olympics and has now launched and OnlyFans page.

Gus Kenworthy's '80 for Brady' Gay Kiss Edited Out of Film

The Olympic athlete claims that his kissing scene in the film was cut.

Gus Kenworthy Wants to Be the Leading Man in a Gay Rom-Com

This has been his dream ever since he was a kid.

GoFundMe Created For Late Gay Rugby & Bobsled Star Simon Dunn

Donations will cover cremation and logistics for the burial of the out athlete.

Gay Rugby Player & Bobsledder Simon Dunn Dead at 35

The out athlete focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy work after retiring from professional sports.

César Azpilicueta Praises Josh Cavallo, Says Soccer Needs Out Players

In a recent interview, the soccer star said a safe environment for all is the most important thing.

Naomi Osaka
Advocate Channel

7 Cute Pics of Carl Nassib & Soren Dahl That Are Couple Goals

The NFL star and the Olympic swimmer are a powerful couple!

Carl Nassib Confirms Olympic Swimmer Søren Dahl Is His Boyfriend

After months of speculation, we finally know.

18 Hot Pics of AEW's Queer Women and Trans Wrestlers

We can't get enough of these LGBTQ+ wrestlers!

20 Sexy Pics of Gus Kenworthy That Deserve Gold Medals

The Olympic skier has been building a name for himself in Hollywood.

International Olympic Committee Updates Framework for Trans Athletes

Is it a “monumental” improvement or a step backwards?

Miss Argentina, Wife Miss Puerto Rico Celebrate Argentina's World Cup

"Every moment was special," Mariana Valera said.