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“I think all the only negatives in the struggle have been in my public life and my job. And just the amount of hate and sh*tiness that came my way was just exhausting."

January 26 2023 4:34 PM

"Is it cause I'm no longer single, or is it cause peeps be realising I'm a gay…" reality star Dave Graham wrote on his Instagram.

January 26 2023 1:26 PM

Gottmik’s name and gender marker have finally been updated on official IDs.

January 26 2023 10:57 AM

We WILL be watching the upcoming drama film as soon as it hits theaters!

January 25 2023 3:44 PM

The popular gay TikToker's story about testing for STIs ended with a potential for romance.

January 25 2023 3:40 PM