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Tommy Dorfman Launches New Zine to Uplift LGBTQ+ Voices

The 13 Reasons Why star isn't just using her platform to uplift queer and trans voices — she's building a new one entirely.

Omar Apollo Opens Up About Showing Pole on 'Live For Me' EP Artwork

The out Grammy nominee's pole is, quite literally, a work of art!

Gay History Lesson: Remember When The Advocate Invented Bears?

Yes, that's right. You have to thank our sister publication for the iconic gay lingo!

Omar Apollo Is Showing Pole On Main in New EP Artwork

The new EP, Live For Me, debuts on Friday, October 6.

An Artist Is Selling All the Underwear Men Left in His House for $50k

The collection, by artist Jonathas de Andrade, features 68 pairs of vacuum-sealed men’s underwear.

How Gay Pin-Up Mags Launched a Political Revolution

Mid-century publications like Physique Pictorial created community and a model for the pink dollar to enact change.

'Young Queer America' Has a Vital Message for Adults

PhotojournalistMaxwell Poth’s Young Queer America shows the faces and stories of LGBTQ+ young people across the country.

Russell Tovey & Pedro Pascal's Art Gallery Trip Hilariously Failed

They got together to see an art exhibition dedicated to Pedro Pascal, but the actor himself couldn’t go in.

12 Black Lesbians & Bi Women From History You Need to Know

Black queer women have always been making history.

Kane C. Andrade's Empowering Portraits of Trans Men

Andrade’s portraits seek to inspire and celebrate an underrepresented community.

This Instagram Account Is Turning Anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans Into Drag Queens

Artificial intelligence technology is being used in the most ru-larious way!

Dive Into the Queer Mythic Art of Salem Beiruti

Salem Beiruti's love of myths and mermen caught the eye of Black Panther's creative team and LGBTQ+ fans alike.

This Artist Turns Your Fave Pop Stars Into Fabulous Pokémon Trainers

Mariah Cary, Beyoncé, Lil Nas X, and so many more of our faves are getting the Pokémon trainer treatment we've been dreaming of!

'Charlie's Angels' Star Lucy Liu Took (and Kept) Nude Photos of Drew Barrymore

"I have them, of course I do," Liu said of the photos.

Meet DrawMeDenis: the Gay Artist Drawing Sexy Sun-Drenched Scenes

The artist's work often goes viral on social media and is able to be purchased as beach towels.

9 Breathtaking Portraits of Interracial LGBTQ+ Lovers by Ryan Pfluger

In their new book of LGBTQ+ couple’s portraiture Holding Space, Ryan Pfluger lets love guide the lens.

AI Art Gives Users Gender Euphoria—But It's Not Without Controversy

Out writer Saskia Maxwell Keller takes a look at the Lensa app through a trans lens.