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Out magazine is the expert on television, particularly when it comes to gay actors and series with gay characters. Out brings our readers the latest news about gay TV series that are helping to shape the national conversation on LGBT issues from within the living room. Discover exclusive interviews, video clips, and more related to gay TV shows like Modern Family, Orange Is the New Black, The Fosters, and Faking It. Gay TV is Out's specialty, and we'll bring you all the updates on the LGBT shows you love.

All the tea Elliott With 2 Ts just spilled in a bombshell interview

"You can be ignorant but it doesn't make you a bad person," Elliott told Joseph Shepherd on his Exposed show.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez finally found a spot for her Golden Globe

Out chats with the iconic Michaela Jaé Rodriguez about her music career, the legacy of Pose, and finding a place for her Golden Globe trophy.

Was anime cool back in middle/high school? Anime Expo 2024 goers reminisce

Out asks AX 2024 goers their thoughts on anime's growing mainstream popularity — and if that was always the case in the not-so-distant past.

Meet the queens competing on 'RuPaul's Drag Race Global All Stars'

Meet the cast of Global All Stars and discover which seasons they've competed in, their Drag Race track records, and where to follow them on social media.

Is fandom gatekeeping a good or bad thing? Anime Expo 2024 goers weigh in

Is gatekeeping a good thing when it comes to fandoms? Or is it always bad? Out chatted with AX cosplayers and they gave us all their opinions!

'Summer House' star Preston Mitchum dishes on wedding plans & queering up reality TV

After the dust has settled from the second season of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, Out caught up with the reality star to talk about what's next for him.

Damn, Dawn! Fans are going FERAL for 'Drag Race' star's new thirst traps

Dawn is avenging her "Body" moment on Drag Race.

The third season of 'Euphoria' is FINALLY going to be made

After a lot of uncertainty, the third season of the beloved and controversial teen drama series is finally going to start production in the near future.

Seth Rogen learned what 'twink' meant because people kept calling him a 'bear'

Out chatted with the Sausage Party: Foodtopia star, alongside his fellow foodies Kristen Wiig and Sam Richardson.

20 Steamy Pics of 'Drag Race' Pit Crew Members Around the World

Celebrating the Pit Crew members featured on international seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, because why not?

Meet the fabulous queens from 'Drag Race Philippines' season 3

Mama Pao is back with a new cast of Filipino superstars on Drag Race Philippines!

20 excellent thirst traps from 'Drag Race Italia' winner Lina Galore

Besides being a fierce queen and Drag Race champion, Lina Galore is also a hairy, sexy stud!

Chace Crawford 'almost had a panic attack' with 'The Boys' octopus sex scene

The former Gossip Girl heartthrob opened up about filming this infamous bestiality on The Boys.

Gia Gunn just shared WILD new comments on 'Drag Race' & trans queens

"Well, she was a boy. She might have been not transitioning, or pretending like she wasn't trans at the time… but [they] were doing interviews as boys," the Drag Race star said.

Viktor's got hot new powers in the final season of 'The Umbrella Academy'

The Hargreeves are back and trying to stop the world from ending one last time.

Can 'The Boyfriend' lead a revolution for same-sex relationships in Asia?

It may seem like an overly dramatic task to charge something like this with, but Netflix's new gay reality dating show just might be the perfect vehicle!

15 queens who quit or retired from drag after 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

These former Drag Race contestants are no longer drag performers.

Kennedy Davenport reveals she was dropped from 'All Stars 9' cast

The legendary queen alleged that she was an "alternate" to compete on All Stars 9 before being cast on Canada vs. the World season 2.

'Drag Race' legend Ongina is 'taking a breather' from drag

The iconic queen, who initially competed in the very first season of RuPaul's Drag Race, made the announcement on social media.