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Buttigieg Pranks Biden, Buys Up ‘Joe 3030’ Domain

Pete Buttigieg pranks Joe Biden, turns "Joe 30330" debate flub into joke.

He got him, gal.

Mayor Pete's cyberbullying some grandpa? Maybe he does have a stan Twitter after all...

At Wednesday night's Democratic primary debate, the second of CNN's two presidential debates that aired live from Detroit this week, party frontrunner Joe Biden signed off by directing people to do ... something!

"If you agree with me, go to Joe 3-0-3-3-0, and help me in this fight," the White House hopeful told viewers. "Thank you very much."

Apparently, Biden meant to tell people to text "Joe" to the number 30330, the former vice president's team confirmed on Twitter later that night. But to many viewers watching at home, myself included, it sounded like he was trying to tell people to go to his website and that he mixed up "2020" and tried to say "3030". (Not that Joe is even a site. It just leads to a blank page hosted by GoDaddy.)

Seizing on the opportunity to take advantage of Biden's flub, Pete Buttigieg bought, which now redirects to his own campaign site, Some random guy named Josh also bought the domain and turned it into a page promoting his own (not real) presidential campaign. His platform (also not real) includes "no homework and college." At the bottom of the site, Josh clarifies: "We're not affiliated with any presidential campaign. We're just having some good fun (maybe a little bit at the expense of Joe)."

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