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29 LGBTQ+ celebs you can follow on OnlyFans

These queer celebs are using the notorious platform in so many ways.

Wanna hookup internationally? Grindr's new feature helps you do that

Roam is just the first of several new features Grindr is launching this year.

What's the difference between 'badussy' & 'bussy'? NLE Choppa explains

The straight rapper includes the word in his new song, "Slut Me Out 2."

Gay fetish artist Rex has died—see some of his iconic work

This contemporary of Tom of Finland was as reclusive as he was sex-positive.

Let's all leave Ricky Martin (and his pants) alone

Ricky Martin's pants caused quite the stir at a recent Madonna concert.

21 LGBTQ+ reality dating shows & where to watch them

These are the LGBTQ+ dating shows that you might’ve missed out on throughout the years!

Big Dipper apologizes for comments about giving potential hookups a false address

"I know that I definitely let some people down with that clip, and I don’t take that lightly, so I’m sorry for that.”

Who's the better 'Hunter,' Beefcake or Czech? This TikToker explores

The debate is finally being put to rest!

Saucy Santana details the wild story of his worst hookup: 'I didn’t sign up for a gang bang'

The "Walk Em Like a Dog" rapper isn't holding anything back in the newest episode of Katya and Grindr's podcast.

What exactly is 'gooning'? Here's what you need to know about the spicy solo activity

The "goon state" sounds like a great place to be!

​Big Dipper said he gives hookups a false address to screen them—and fans have thoughts

The rapper admitted he gives potential hookups a false address before meeting up with them, drawing concerns from some folks online.

Dear internet: THIS is what the word 'twink' really means

We need a return to gay culture literacy!

In the mood? This ultimate gay sex playlist will help you spice things up

These 25 sexy queer songs will surely get anyone in the mood for love!

26 actors who showed bare ass in movies & TV shows

These booties deserve a standing ovation!

The internet got trolled into thinking Ariana Grande's man Ethan Slater was in a gay-for-pay video

Was Ethan Slater in a gay-for-pay video or just the victim of an epic troll?

This site just named the hottest male celebrity nude scenes of 2023

When it comes to the best male nudity in television and film, Mr. Man is the authoritative source!

A brief history of the word 'bussy'

A rapper using the term "bussy" has caused some people to question if the straights really know what the term means.

Troye Sivan's producer didn't know what poppers were when they made 'Rush'

You learn something new every day!

David Archuleta wants you to know he is NOT a 'full-time bottom'

“Couldn’t relate,” the American Idol heartthrob, who came out in the last few years, said in a video.

Sniffies' newest feature helps you be discreetly horny while cruising in public

A new feature from Sniffies helps you keep browsing without exposing yourself to people who are around you.