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60 photos from Folsom Street East that prove New York City knows how to play

The East Coast definitely knows how to get down and have some Folsom fun!

Ricky Martin isn't dating since divorce—but booty calls are welcome

Since splitting from Jwan Yosef in 2023, the Puerto Rican singer has embraced the "no strings attached (NSA)" lifestyle.

24 LGBTQ+ reality dating shows & where to watch them

These are the LGBTQ+ dating shows that you might’ve missed out on throughout the years!

This raunchy new Wolverine popcorn bucket has the internet's mind in a gutter

2024 might go down as the year popcorn buckets got down, dirty, and dare we say... sexual?

31 LGBTQ+ celebs you can follow on OnlyFans

These queer celebs are using the notorious platform in so many ways.

These gay men did their best gooning faces & we can't stop laughing

"Asking the gays at the party to do their best gooning impression" is the best video we've watched all week.

28 actors who showed bare ass in movies & TV shows

These booties deserve a standing ovation!

Lil Nas X opens up about having an emotional attraction to women

In response, Drag Race star Kerri Colby reminded him that women can come in many different shapes and forms!

Omar Apollo talks cruising, Facetime sex & sugar daddies in hilariously unhinged new interview

The singer appeared on the Throwing Fits podcast where he got candid about some spicy topics!

Sniffies' sexy new clothing collection will help you cruise in style

The app's new collection marks its evolution into an emerging fashion and lifestyle brand.

Omar Apollo is selling special-edition condoms & he can have all our money

The out R&B singer also announced the release date and full tracklist for his sophomore album, God Said No.

Megami thanks Boomer Banks for his content—it got her through 'Drag Race' taping

Plus, Boomer Banks tells Out how he feels about being a part of Megami's Drag Race journey!

Sniffies now has filters for age, body type & endowment size

This new feature lets Sniffies users determine which types of people they want to be cruising with.

From sex to politics: 5 interesting facts from a new study about lesbians

To celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week, we're digging into the data behind the lives of LGBTQ+ women.

Stop taking pictures of gay men hooking up in bars & shaming them online

That's what gay bars were invented for!!!

Wanna hookup internationally? Grindr's new feature helps you do that

Roam is just the first of several new features Grindr is launching this year.

What's the difference between 'badussy' & 'bussy'? NLE Choppa explains

The straight rapper includes the word in his new song, "Slut Me Out 2."

Gay fetish artist Rex has died—see some of his iconic work

This contemporary of Tom of Finland was as reclusive as he was sex-positive.

Let's all leave Ricky Martin (and his pants) alone

Ricky Martin's pants caused quite the stir at a recent Madonna concert.