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An Open Letter to the Queer Folks Dreading the Holidays

Dread going home because you’re the token Yuletide Gay? Here’s how you can flip the script of your stress!

A Pride Month Message From Out's CEO

Mark Berryhill, the CEO of Out's parent company equalpride, reflects on this year's Pride Month.

20 Years Later, 'Crazy In Love' Is Still As Iconic As Ever

Beyoncé's debut single just turned 20 years old, but it's still remains as fresh, vibrant, and iconic as ever!

Op-ed: Trans Women Deserve Better From Us

It’s International Women’s Day. What have you done to be a good ally to trans women?

Nina West: I'm Scared, But I Won't Stop Drag Story Hour

RuPaul's Drag Race star Nina West writes an open letter to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

'The White Lotus' Season 2 Finale Proves Gays Can Be Scammers Too

A full breadth of LGBTQ+ representation is exciting, and the hit HBO series gave us just that.

AI Art Gives Users Gender Euphoria—But It's Not Without Controversy

Out writer Saskia Maxwell Keller takes a look at the Lensa app through a trans lens.

Johnny Depp Is Appearing in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 Show

Rihanna, no!! We will no longer be tuning in.

The 'DWTS' Judges Keep Sleeping on Shangela & It Just Doesn't Add Up

The Drag Race diva even served an incredible lip sync in episode six!

For the Love of Gay Christmas, Don’t Be Jeffrey Dahmer For Halloween

The families of Dahmer's victims are still alive, and they want to celebrate Halloween too.

'Bros' Is Great & Deserves So Much Better Than Low Box Office Numbers

Hitting a ton of the classic romantic-comedy beats, Bros is heartfelt, emotional, and downright hilarious. So why isn't it doing better at the box office? 

Sandman Showed a Queer Character's Death—And It Wasn't a Harmful Trope

Compared to a recent death on HBO's House of the Dragon, the Netflix series is showing audiences a better way to handle the death of an LGBTQ+ character, one Out staffer writes. 

'Kinky Boots' Writer Wants Harry Styles & Bruno Mars to Star in Film

Please, Harvey, tell us you're trolling us!

Why Deran's Coming Out Journey on 'Animal Kingdom' Is Unforgettable

You can’t help but love the characters you’re supposed to hate on TNT's badass, adrenaline-inducing TV series Animal Kingdom

Bad Bunny Isn't Queerbaiting & Those Claims Are Missing the Point

The hyperfocus on Bad Bunny kissing a male dancer is completely missing the point, says this Out writer. 

Dear Harry Styles: Let's Talk About Tenderness and Gay Sex Scenes

The pop singer and My Policeman star's recent comments about gay intimacy in cinema caused some online discourse. 

Why Hulu's 'The Ignorant Angels' Should Be Your Next Gay Bingewatch

The seductive eight-episode series is about loss, chosen family, and the fluidity of sexuality.

How To Be the Best Top You Can Be

Topping is an art form, and there's a lot that goes into it, explains advice columnist, author, and queer sex writer Alexander Cheves.

No, Amandla Stenberg Wasn't Homophobic For DMing Lena Wilson

By painting Stenberg as an aggressive homophobe, Wilson is playing into unfair stereotypes about Black women.

Help! How Do I Know If I'm Addicted to Porn?

Advice columnist, author, and queer sex writer Alexander Cheves breaks down one reader's question about their relationship with porn — and the stigmas so many people still have about it.