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Alan Cumming Hands Back OBE, Cites British Empire's 'Toxicity'

The bisexual actor addressed his issues in a lengthy post on his Instagram.

Potential Bill Has Miss Gay America Pageant Eying New Location

Arkansas' Senate Bill 43 would prohibit anyone under 18 in the state from attending the beloved annual show.

Social Media Posts Claim George Santos Used to Be a Drag Performer

The embattled Republican congressman went by the stage name Kitara Ravache, according to some posts on social media.

This Local Politician Got Video-Bombed By a Half-Naked Hunk

Things got a little heated for Pima County Board Supervisor Matt Heinz during a recent Zoom call...

Pete Buttigieg Claps Back At Fox News For Questioning Husband's Travel

“I guess the question on my mind is, why is it any different when it’s me and my husband?” he told Fox's Bret Baier.

Gay California Congressman Will Swear-In with Superman #1 Comic Book

The iconic comic book is on loan from the Library of Congress to newly-elected out politician Robert Garcia.

House Representative Taylor Small Got Engaged on the White House Lawn

The Respect for Marriage Act inspired some love stories!

Gay Ex-Twitter Exec in Hiding After Online Attacks From Elon Musk

Elon Musk ignited the fire in a series of tweets over the weekend.

Hayley Kiyoko Got to Visit the White House With GF Becca Tilley

The two were present for the historic signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

Brita Filter & Shangela Are 1st RuGirls Invited to White House in Drag

The Drag Race alumni were invited to attend the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

Watch Elon Musk Get Savagely Booed During Dave Chappelle's Comedy Show

The “richest man in the world” couldn’t get a word in edgewise

Marti G. Cummings Invited to the White House by President Joe Biden

The nonbinary drag artist will attend the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

Vicky Hartzler's Gay Nephew Claps Back at Plea Against Gay Marriage

You’re just gonna have to learn to coexist with all of us, Aunt Vicky.

GOP Congresswoman Tearfully Begs Colleagues to Rebuke Gay Marriage

Missouri Republican Vicky Hartzler pushed to preserve “traditional” marriage.

GOPer Attended Gay Son's Wedding, Voted Against Gay Marriage (Twice)

Rep. Glenn Thompson, who is the father of a gay son, voted against a bill protecting same-sex marriage for the second time on Thursday.

Touring 'Drag Race' Queens Hire Extra Security Amid Club Q Shooting

RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars are hiring extra security staff to protect themselves.