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Christian College Won't Let Man Finish Degree Because He's Gay

Christian College Won't Let Man Finish His Degree Because He's Gay

As Attitude reported, Gary Campbell was hoping to finish his degree at Clarks Summit University in Pennsylvania, but the school apparently turned him away because of his sexuality. Campbell initially dropped out because he needed to save money, and ultimately joined the US Navy (which he later left due to drinking problems). But he is sober now and ready to take this next step in completing his education. 

The college apparently prohibits students from engaging in same-sex relationships and “reserves the right to dismiss or deny the enrolment of those whose behavior or influence upon our community should prove to be contrary to the best interests of our students, the Clarks Summit University Community Commitment and to our Lord Jesus Christ."

It appears that the school actually rejected the acceptance offer once they discovered his sexual orientation. To this, he said: “I ask that you not view me only as a homosexual, but as a determined, compassionate, hard-working man who is of good moral character. My goal again is to assist my community and help those who are struggling in the grip of addiction.”

There is now a hashtag on Twitter in honor of Campell, #LetGaryGraduate.

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