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Gay Friends Were Kicked Out Of Cab—& Now They're Getting Justice

Gay Friends Were Kicked Out Of Cab—But They're Getting Justice

Two gay friends, Joel Bautista and Michael Rios, were kicked out of a taxi in Philadelphia on March 16, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer and Attitude. Their driver, Daman Sacko, allegedly said he didn’t want “gay sh*t” in his car after they were talking about their love lives and Lasik surgery. Bautista and Rios were kicked out of the car, but Rios got a picture of Sacko’s driver certificate first. And this time, justice was served.

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“In the beginning, we didn’t want to interfere with his livelihood; We just wanted him to know that what he did was wrong,”  Rios told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “But when we heard about the lies he was telling, we said, ‘No, we want to go to court.’”

Sacko said the two friends “talked dirty” and “propositioned” him, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

On July 12, Sacko was fined with $175 and got his driver’s certificate suspended for a month.


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