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Florida Queers Claim Gay Beach, Rename to Stonewall

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ueer folks don't mind making something out of nothing, and claiming things for our own. The legacy continues in Fort Lauderdale where the local community has raised a Pride flag on Pompano Beach and given a strip of it a new name.

On the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Uprisings — that's June 28, 2020 — city residents had a ceremony of sorts, claiming a stretch of land on Pompano Beach. In an event organized by Anthony Kulp, they declared a portion of the space Stonewall Beach to reflect the growing queer population that visits it.

“It’s really an outstanding beach,” Kulp told South Florida Gay News of the space which is close to the pier. “I wanted to pick a spot close to everything. We don’t need to hide at the end of the beach.”

According to Kulp, the beach had been gaining more popularity among gays as Sebastian Beach in Fort Lauderdale, which is also unofficially a gay beach, was losing parking. As that space decreased inside, the community increasingly frequented Pompano.  So to recognize that change, he organized a ceremony and issued a new unofficial name.

“We no longer have to hide in the shadows or make up secret names for places to meet in public. This beach area is to honor the people who risked it all for us,” Kulp said during the ceremony. “The name Stonewall will always be synonymous with the gay movement. Stonewall Beach will be a place for all to come and celebrate our differences whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or straight.”

The organizers have started a Facebook group.

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