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Pulse Shooting Autopsies Released for 31 Victims and Shooter Omar Mateen

Pulse Shooting Autopsies Released for 31 Victims and Shooter Omar Mateen


Police shot off nearly 150 bullets at Mateen, an autopsy report reveals.

Omar Mateen, the shooter who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub on June 12 in Orlando, was struck by eight bullets, an autopsy report revealed Friday. The medical examiner's office also released autopsy reports on 31 of the victims.

Police reports show that police fired nearly 150 bullets at Mateen during the final shoot-out at Pulse nightclub, reports The Orlando Sentinel. Officers shot Mateen at 5:07 a.m., after authorities breached a back wall, reports the Sentinel. Police reported that 13 members of the SWAT team engaged with Mateen in a shoot-out at 5:14 a.m. and confirmed he was "down" at 5:17 a.m.

The bullets fired at Mateen struck him in the head, chest, abdomen, calf, feet, and toe, the autopsy report revealed.

"His body was marred with several lacerations, as well as 'blunt-force injuries' such as bruising and scapes to his torso," reported the Orlando paper. The medical examiner's office was not able to confirm why Mateen had blunt-force trauma.

The shooter was not struck at close range, reports the Sentinel. The bullets went "through and through and the majority entered his body from front to back, suggesting he was shot while facing police, likely during the standoff," reported the paper.

A toxicology report showed Mateen was not under the influence of any substance on June 12. The medical examiner reported finding a gun holster attached to Mateen's belt, though the office did not provide information about the type of ammunition Mateen used, or in what part of the club he was killed.

The medical examiner's office will be releasing more records on the 18 other people Mateen killed in the upcoming weeks, reports the Sentinel.

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