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The Queer Evolution of Kristen Stewart

Stewart has gone from saying "Google me, I'm not hiding" to "I'm so gay, dude" in only two years.

Trump Says Marriage Equality Is 'Done, Settled'—Believe Him?

Trump is now saying that he is "fine" with marriage equality because "it was already settled."

Black Lives Matter's Deray Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton

"There is much work that lies ahead, and Clinton is ready and prepared to do the hard work."

Gay YouTuber Charged for False Report, Insists Hate Crime Account Is True

Despite being charged with filing a false report, Calum McSwiggan took to Facebook to defend his innocence.

Is America Ready for a Gay Disabled Character on TV?

Ryan O'Connell hopes to bring the first gay character with cerebral palsy to television with the help of Jim Parsons