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FOLX Health Just Launched the Perfect Hotline for Your Pandemic Blues

Jesse Letter

Any time you need a message of love and support, just call this number for words from the likes of Gigi Goode, Isis King, Laith Ashley, and Munroe Bergdorf.

FOLX Health, an LGBTQIA+ digital healthcare service provider, is launching a new service, a hotline where people from across the country can call in and hear messages of support whenever they need to.

1-888-FOLX-FAM is brand new hotline queer and trans people can call to hear messages of love, hope, and encouragement from LGBTQ+ activists, artists, and influencers. It's like an old school party line where you go whenever you're feeling hopeless, sad, scared, or alone.

"As a longtime community builder in the trans and queer space, I often think about how many systems fail to take care of LGBTQ+ folks. We aren't always seen and valued as people--much less seen as people deserving of love," Rocco Kayiatos, VP of Marketing at FOLX tells Out. "It's our hope that this old school hotline, full of voices and messages of love and hope and encouragement, can resonate in a more intimate and deeper way. Hoping this gift is received with the love and care it was built in."

The full campaign includes not only the hotline, but also a landing page at featuring content including written messages from the activists, artists, and influencers, and a user generated component where users can share their own recorded or written message of love and encouragement that will be featured on the hotline.

Tragik, the Creative Director at FOLX added that for her, the new program hits home. "I came out on the Chicago party line in the early 2000's," she says. "20 years later I realize there are still so many people who might feel alone or have little to no support."

"The 1-888-FOLX-FAM hotline pays homage to the party line from a time before social media, where voice and messages could lend support in ways we never knew we needed," she continues, "Ultimately all of us at FOLX believe in community first, and we hope this hotline helps those who need a little extra love and support."

Some of the people whose messages you can hear include people like Miss J Alexander, Munroe Bergdorf, Bamby Salcedo, Jillian Mercado, Gigi Goode, Laith Ashley, Tiq Milan, Isis King, and The Veronicas, as well as many others.

If you're in need of some encouragement or love from your community, call 1-888-FOLX-FAM today.

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