Want to Buy Lance Bass's Trash?

Want to Buy Lance Bass's Trash?

Deadline reports that Lifetime is on the cusp of picking up Celebrity Sellouts, a reality series created by Lance Bass that is described as “MTV’s Cribs meets Pawn Stars.”

According to reports, it will follow A-list (or maybe C-list?) celebrities in their homes as they part with stuff they don't want: "memorabilia, costumes, furniture and tchotchkes, all of which will be auctioned off for charity, with the celebs trying to hit a goal dollar amount." 

Does this mean people like Cher, who was recently chastised for auctioning the key to the city of Adelaide, Australia, on eBay, will have a way to launder the goods they deem no longer good? It used to be megastars would auction off their goodies in big, high-profile events. World tours of Elton John's costumes and highflying productions centered around Liz Taylor's baubles. But maybe this will mean a glut of keepsakes of a different ilk. While it was sad enough to see washed up celebs go and prostrate themselves to Donald Trump to get a new job (sorry, but Celebrity Apprentice is a bit depressing when you rethink what's happening), this seems like it could turn into a new low. As well as EXTREMELY watchable TV—like Storage Wars with more cachet to cash in on. 


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