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Tanerélle’s New Song Is the Bisexual Alien Love Ballad You Need

Tanerélle’s New Song Is the Bisexual Alien Love Ballad You Need

“Love From NGC 7318” is the first song Tanerélle ever wrote specifically about another girl.

“Being a bisexual woman, I typically tend to shy away from the use of pronouns in most of my music because I want the lyrics to be as fluid as me,” the artist tells OUT. “It’s important to me that everyone is able to effortlessly insert the lyrics within the experience of their own lives.”

But when Tanerélle’s did address a lover in her music, that person would invariably be a man, and that wasn’t true to the totality of the artist’s sexuality. “This song came to me while this girl I liked was away and I just wanted to give her something beautiful and she was a perfect muse at the time.”

The track’s title was inspired by a pair of colliding galaxies 300 million light years away from Earth. “They’re part of Stephan’s Quintet, which is this grouping of five galaxies,” explains Tanerélle. “I wanted to write the song from a different perspective so I decided to be this alien far away writing a love letter to this human girl I met in passing. The song in a way is about a forbidden love that I continuously (within the song) daydream about.” A queer alien love song is just the last-minute Christmas present we needed.

Listen to OUT’s exclusive premiere of “Love From NGC 7318” below.

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