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These Drag Kids Are Proving It's Never Too Soon To Be Fabulous

drag kids

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Thomas South (Age: 11)
Narrowsburg, N.Y.

With his sister as accomplice, and some brotherly advice, Cream Soda is learning how to rock a pair of spiky heels.

My drag is outside the box — different, crazy — but I can also do pretty: a nice mermaid, a flower in the hair, a nice scarf from France. I love unicorns. My drag persona is Cream Soda — she’s very quirky. You might expect her to come out in a nice dress and a wig, but she’ll come out bald, in a crazy corset, and wearing 10-inch heels. The person who first inspired me was my sister, Jael. I was in the kitchen eating a bagel and she was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on TV, and I was like, “Oh, what is that?” And she said, “It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and I said, “Oh, drag is when a man dresses up as a woman?” and she said, “Yeah, do you want to watch it next Friday with me?” I was a little scared to do drag at first, but I faced my fears and got over it and had fun. My mum and dad were cool with it. The first time I tried to put on makeup, it didn’t look so good. I had the wrong color eyebrows — deep black — and my eyes were way too big. Instead of complimenting me, my brother told me the truth. I did look very bad. Drag takes a lot of effort, pain — you can’t just walk into a room with a lot of makeup, and go, “Boom, boom, boom, I’m perfect.”

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I first heard about DragCon a few months after I got into drag, and asked my mom if I could go. I didn’t have a lot of stuff at the time, so I only wore a nice red T-shirt, some white shorts, and some spiky heels. There was a big poster when you arrive that says, sashay this way, and a ton of drag queens everywhere. I went to Milk’s booth — she was on Season 6, she’s very outside of the box, she does the unexpected — and told her she was my favorite drag queen.

The first day back to school after DragCon, I wore a pair of spiky heels and everyone was supportive of it. I had to change them eventually, because I tripped over them. I’m doing a lot better, but I still need more practice walking in them. I’m going to sign up for Drag Race when I’m 17. I think my look will be latex spiky heels, a corset, and these ripped lace undergarments, nice slicked black hair, perfect black makeup.

Above all, I don’t want this to change — I want to stay in love with drag.   

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