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A Delta Pilot Used Grindr to Hit on One of His Passengers

A Delta Pilot Used Grindr to Hit on One of His Passengers

Delta Pilot Hits on Passenger Using Grindr During Flight

“I see you’re on my flight. Enjoy the ride to Chicago.”

A mere 90-feet away, locked behind the bulletproof cockpit doors, a Delta pilot messaged a passenger on Grindr while flying the plane.

"I see you're on my flight," the message read. "Enjoy the ride to Chicago."

JP Thorn, the 27-year-old passenger, received the message 30-minutes before landing in Chicago. He only saw the message once he turned on his phone after disembarking the aircraft.

"I messaged him back and he told me that he was one of the pilots," Thorn told The New York Post.

While at first slightly weirded out by the exchange, Thorn continued messaging the man in uniform. By the end of the conversation, Thorn believed the pilot to be a "nice guy" and would have "met him for coffee" if he had the opportunity.

"He asked me about our flight, how it was on the way, and [the conversation] was really standard," Thorn said, who also noted that the flight was turbulence-free.

Alas, Thorn decided to delete the app arriving at his final destination in Nashville and has since lost touch with the aviator.

Despite (or perhaps due directly to) the exchange, the frequent flyer plans to continue using Delta. "It's the only airline I tend to use."

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