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The Marriage Ref Goes Gay

How did you guys getting involved with the show?
Salinero: Probably going back to when there was just an idea for the show, there was a casting person that saw Michael and my's YouTube video of our wedding. They sent us an email saying we're creating a new reality show, would you guys be interested in speaking with me about it? And then months and months later, I got a call from her. We started talking and she asked what particular things we argued about, Betty Boop came up, and she really caught onto that, and it went from there.

The judges for this episode are Tracy Morgan, Nathan Lane, and Kathy Griffin. Aside from Tracy, that's a pretty gay ensemble.
Salinero: When we heard that it was Kathy Griffin and Nathan Lane, we almost discussed the fact that it must be a gay episode. So, we're huge fans, definitely. I've seen Nathan Lane on Broadway, and we love Kathy Griffin and everything she does for gay rights. And then Tracy Morgan is hilarious. I was thrilled to have that panel.
Wigh: I liked the entire panel as well. I like Nathan Lane and all his work -- The Birdcage. And Kathy Griffin, the week before we taped, she was in Washington for some march. And Tracy Morgan, he's fantastic -- love 30 Rock.

Do you think America's now going to think every gay couple fights over things like Betty Boop?
Salinero: We knew that we would encounter that kind of a reputation or criticism of "here's another gay couple that's got an argument over something like a Betty Boop." I guess I would prefer if we had football paraphernalia around the house we wanted to get rid of or whatever. Or maybe a John Wayne movie collection. It's just something that's true to life for us, and I happen to like the statue. I think it brings a lot of character to the house, which is more or less very traditional. It's just a rule that if you watch this show, the arguments are these kind of arguments. It's a very typical argument any couple can have, gay or straight.

Aside from Ms. Boop, how's the marriage?
Salinero: It's good. I think it's good. We've been married since August of 2008. We travel together, we do things any other couple would do. We've been in a relationship almost seven years, married for two. We love each other, we're committed to each other. We're just about as vanilla or mainstream as anyone else.

So are there any other life size figurines lurking in your house?
Wigh: [Laughs]. No, that's the one and only.

Mike & David's appearance on NBC's The Marriage Ref airs tonight at 10PM Eastern.

-- Gregory Miller

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