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Tyra Inadvertently Reveals Gays are Human

This is the story of six queers, one of whom is Hedda Lettuce, picked to live in a fictional kingdom of rainbow clouds and tyrant queens, and about what happens when they stop playing nice and start getting real. In other words, it's the story of what happened on the Tyra show yesterday when six individuals chosen to represent different basic LGBT archetypes (butch lesbian, effete guy, bisexual, etc) were forced into a ridiculous campy (in both the sleepaway and the other kind of way) role-playing game involving queens and jesters and paupers and then made to debrief in front of a live studio audience.

Suffice to say, the various individuals shocked Tyra and each other with their untoward displays of bigotry and prejudice! (But in the end, they all became friends. Or maybe they didn't.) This was meant to illustrate that even people who suffer bigotry may be guilty of bigotry themselves! Or at least it was meant to be melodramatic daytime TV, full of volatile and possibly drunk personalities. In any case -- newsflash! -- LGBT people are humans, prone to discriminate and prejudge, not magical pink glittery creatures who live on rainbow clouds. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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