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Chatter: The Daily roundup

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During New York Fashion Week everyone's favorite daily, The Daily, gets the best quotes and sound-bites from our favorites in the fashion industry. Today, we get tidbits on Friday the 13th, why chic matters, and who would be who for a day.

"I don't have superstitions, but I think they're a turn-on. I'm sure it's exciting to someone to be showing on Friday the 13th."
-- designer Zac Posen on any worries about today's date.

Speaking of Friday the 13th, if a Freaky Friday type situation occurred, here's who a few notables would want to be for a day:

"Barack Obama! I'd play a mean game of basketball with the Secret Service."

-- Tommy Hilfiger, Designer

"Martha Stewart, because I always secretly wanted to be a chef, and she has the best recipes and tips. I'd love to spend a day rummaging through her kitchen cabinets."

-- Jason Wu, Designer

"I wouldn't mind being Marc Jacobs for a day -- the new body, the Italian boyfriends, the apartment in Paris, the one thousand assistants. It would be a great reminder why I'm busting my ass now."

-- Michael Bastian, Designer
What's the industry doing to help chic go on?

"I'm acting strategic. I'm going to Indochine but only ordering an appetizer, buying only one new tote bag at Fendi. We can't panic and give up chic!"

-- Mickey Boardman, Fashion columnist

"If we only believed what we saw on television and read in the newspapers, we'd be in trouble. The human eye for art can really open up a channel for beautiful change It doesn't mean that we have to be ignorant of reality; we just have to be pragmatic. People have lost confidence in the last year, and it's our duty to bring back a sense of joie de vivre."

-- Sidney Toledano, CEO of Dior
And why must chic go on?

"Because who wants to wear flip-flops and hoodie sweatshirts every day?"

-- Christian Sirano, Designer

"Because what else is there?"

-- Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief of Marie Claire

"Because the alternative is vulgarity."

-- Brian Wolk, Designer


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