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Second helpings with Degrassi: The Next Generation's Adamo Ruggiero

22-year-old Adamo Ruggiero is celebrating his one-year coming out anniversary with The star of Degrassi: The Next Generation recently chatted with us about post-closet life ("I shot my first feature film, [Make the Yuletide Gay], earned a lot of support from my fans, made new friends, landed a straight character in a Toronto play, and grew closer to my family and myself"), attending his first Madonna concert (a gay rite of passage if ever there was one), and he revealed some exclusive details about the upcoming Degrassi TV-movie guest starring Perez Hilton, Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Carlson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, and Dan Levy air in August 2009:

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are back! But this time, the Degrassi gang ventures to L.A. via school bus and plane to score parts in Mewesical High, a fictional musical directed by Jason Mewes. Paige, personal assistant to "The Shores" reality star Hailey Montel, understands that in life you work from the ground up, but when Hollywood hands Paige a shortcut to fame and fortune, she gratefully jumps at the opportunity. Is so much success so soon too much for Paige to handle? And can her closest friends Marco and Ellie save her from herself? Of course, Ellie is distracted by a chance encounter with her long-term crush and L.A. resident, Craig. Back at Smithdale University , Manny has immersed herself in her theatre program and is committed to becoming an "actor of substance". Unfortunately, she's also dating her pretentious controlling professor. Manny, the star of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, blows an opportunity to star in Mewes' feature. Can she break free from her professor's hold and find her fun self again? With past love Jay at the wheel, Manny and the high school gang drive across the country, on a journey to get Manny's mojo back. Will Manny make it to L.A. on time to claim the role she knows she deserves? Or will high school nemesis Paige be standing in the way of her dream? Swimming pools, movie stars and sunshine -- Degrassi style.

To read the full interview with Adamo, head over to

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