26 Films About HIV/AIDS Everyone Should Watch


An Early Frost
An Early Frost (1985)
Dying from AIDS, a gay men seeks closure with his family.
Parting Glances
Parting Glances (1986)
Steve Buscemi gives a memorable performance at the dawn of his career as a young man with AIDS.
Tongues Untied
Tongues Untied (1989)
This documentary explores black gay culture in the '80s, including the loss of many to AIDS.
Longtime Companion
Longtime Companion (1989)
This film depicted the large-scale effects of the epidemic in the gay community in an emotional way.
The Living End
The Living End (1992)
Two HIV-positive men run from the law in classic Thelma & Louise-style.
Zero Patience
Zero Patience (1993)
This indie musical finds a 19th century English explorer meeting the first AIDS patient.
And The Band Played On
And the Band Played On (1993)
Ian McKellen and Lily Tomlin star in this film about the discovery of the virus.
Philadelphia (1993)
Tom Hanks plays a wronged lawyer, fired after it's revealed that he has HIV.
The Cure
The Cure (1995)
A boy finds out his best friend has AIDS and plans a trip to New Orleans to find the cure.
Jeffrey (1995)
A young gay man in New York believes he'll be safe from contracting HIV/AIDS if he stays celibate. But things get complicated when he falls for an HIV-positive man.
Kids (1995)
Chloë Sevigny plays a teenage girl who wants to save other young woman from the boy who gave her HIV.
Boys On The Side
Boys On the Side (1995)
Mary-Louise Parker plays a woman with AIDS who embarks on a road trip with a recently single lesbian (Whoopi Goldberg) and a young woman escaping an abusive relationship (Drew Barrymore).
Its My Party
It's My Party (1996)
Eric Roberts plays a man dying from AIDS who throws a party before he plans to kill himself.
The Hours
The Hours (2002)
The film connects three women of different generations through Virginia Woolf, one of which (Meryl Streep) is planning an award party for her best friend who has AIDS.
The Trip
The Trip (2002)
This film follows the love story of a young conservative and a gay rights activist, concluding when one of them contracts HIV in the '80s and the other tries to get him home from Mexico.
Angels In America
Angels in America (2003)
This HBO mini-series is based on Tony Kushner's award-winning play about the start of the AIDS epidemic in New York City.
Rent (2005)
It's one of the most iconic musicals of our time and a beautiful portrait of friendship and community, set against the AIDS-ridden East Village at the turn of the millenium.
Life Support
Life Support (2007)
Queen Latifah plays a woman with HIV who is overcoming her drug addiction and working with an AIDS outreach group.
The Witnesses
The Witnesses (2007)
A doctor begins an affair with a young man who soon finds out he has AIDS.
Precious (2009)
A young woman with HIV strives for an education and a way out from her mother's abuse.
How To Survive A Plague
How to Survive a Plague (2012)
This documentary follows the AIDS outbreak and the uprising of queer protesters.
Philomena (2013)
In this heartbreaking true story, an Irish woman goes searching for her son whom she was forced to give up for adoption as a baby, only to find he's involved in the HIV/AIDS crisis.
Dallas Buyers Club
Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
After a Texas man finds out he has AIDS, he refuses to die without any resources and smuggles life-saving drugs from Mexico.
Normal Heart
The Normal Heart (2014)
Larry Kramer's powerful work comes to life in the HBO film about early HIV/AIDS fighters in New York City.
The Companion
The Companion (2015)
A boxer in 1980s Cuba is assigned to be the a companion for an HIV-positive war veteran confined by the government to a sanatorium.
Holding The Man
Holding the Man (2015)
This true love story follows a couple from when they first met in high school to when one dies from AIDS and the other struggles to write their story before losing his mind to the disease.
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