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Survey Says Millennials Have the Biggest Penises 

Survey Says Millennials Have the Biggest Penises

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Young men are either better endowed or better at exaggerating than other generations.

This article originally appeared onThe Fresh Toast

For all the negative attention millennials get for their immaturity or reliance on emojis to convey emotion or whatever it is this week, they do reportedly have one advantage over other generations: Bigger penises.

As The Sunnotes, a 2016 study by King's College London of 15,521 men found that the average penis was 5.16 inches long when erect. But a 2017 survey by the condom company SKYN found that 18-to-34-year-olds reported having an average penis size of 6.1 inches when erect.

One way to interpret these results is that somehow young men's penises are growing larger, which would be wonderful news for anyone sexually attracted to men: A full extra inch of erect penis to work with!

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But another way to read those results is to note the highly flawed way in which the survey was conducted. More than 3,000 people who claimed to be sexually active men filled out an online report for the "study," which means there's no way to independently verify the supposed men's answer. For example, a man with a 5-inch schlong could have skewed the results by writing that he had a 7-inch schlong.

In conclusion: Millennial men might have larger penises, on average, than older generations but probably not.

This article originally appeared on The Fresh Toast: a lifestyle and entertainment platform with heaping sides of cannabis--you can read more, here.

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