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Some Lady Gaga Fans Are Still Waiting for Chromatica Jockstraps

Lady Gaga Chromatic Jockstraps

The limited-edition items were ordered in May and are nowhere to be found.

Lady Gaga has some of the fiercest, most loyal fans on earth, but even little monsters have their limits. Back in May, Gaga released her sixth studio album, Chromatica, to much acclaim, and the gays have been eating it up. Mother Monster knows how to feed her children, so she also released limited-edition hot pink Chromatica jockstraps for $30 along with digital pre-orders. But for some fans, those jockstraps never came.

The item is currently sold out in all sizes, and American fans have been wearing them to all their socially distant hangouts this year but some international fans haven't been as lucky. While the website listed the shipping time as four to five weeks, Australian fans have been waiting over five months for the jock straps, and there's no end to the waiting in sight.

One fan told Australian magazine that he placed an order back in May, and has yet to receive his jockstrap, and when he tried contacting the store, he didn't get a response until his third inquiry.

"On the 6th of June, I still had received no confirmation email and decided to send another email querying the status of the order. Within a few days, I received a response stating that there were production delays and the product would be shipped within the next two to three weeks," he said. Then on September 2, he received another update saying the jockstrap had finally been shipped.

"Frustrated, I fired back asking why the order confirmation was only sent after my 3rd email query following up the status and the generic response provided was an apology for the order delay and a copy-paste of the previous email response," the fan said. The order status has read "en route to destination country" since.

He still hasn't received his jockstrap over 180 days after placing his order, and two months after the email stating it was shipped.

Another fan said it's been frustrating watching others get their jockstraps while those in Australia go without. "To be honest, I'm super annoyed by it," he said. "I've seen people in America receive their orders months ago, but it seems nearly everyone in Australia who has ordered one is in the same position."

"I'm still holding hope they'll come before her next album is released," the fan quipped.

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