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Was Amy Winehouse Freaked Out By Adele's Success?


Mark Ronson says Winehouse liked Adele but also felt 'upset, competitive, restless'

When Rufus Wainwright is not writing and producing operas, he's coming out with new albums and tributes to his mother, the late Kate McGarrigle, oh and don't forget collaborating with starmaker Mark Ronson. The two worked on Wainwright's latest, Out of the Game (available now), and that's why Ronson was recently interviewed by the Village Voice. Things got interesting when his former protege, Amy Winehouse, was brought up in the course of the conversation in regards to Adele.

VV: We were all so saddened by Amy Winehouse's death last year. Were you hoping to work with her again?

Ronson: Yes. We spent a little time together and talked about it. But, what little time we had, well, it was tense. She was in a bad state, God knows why. I think that the Adele thing had Amy freaked out. She liked her, but Adele's success was making Amy feel upset, competitive, restless. Anyway, we lost touch briefly. And before she and I could really start the process of beginning a new album, it was too late.

As you recall, Adele, 24, and Winehouse (who died at 27) both attended the famed BRIT School as teens, which has transformed many a talented lady into something to be reckoned with. Other famous alumni include singers Leona Lewis, 27, and Jessie J, 24, as well as Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe, 30.

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