Hirsute Pursuits

I ACTUALLY DON’T CARE.  “Looking like you make no effort getting out of the house is still smoking hot,” says Bair, and he couldn’t be more on the money.  There’s nothing like looking at a man and being able to effortlessly imagine him waking up next to you.  Messy hair helps.  “This longer, tousled look, sported with the new addition of a 5-7 day beard is sexy.  Throw a little hair wax in for that carefree, tousled style with a bit of hold.”


BONUS: JUST TAKE IT OFF.  For thinning hair or a receding hairline, have no fear.  You can rejoin the front lines of sexy haircuts with a buzz.  It’s in, it’s easy, and it’s nothing like a comb-over.  


via Gay.net


Tags: Popnography

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