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Y minus the M and the C and the A

"It's fun to stay at the Y, Y, Y-Y." Hmm, lacks a certain something, no? Well, you'd better get used to it, because as of today, the YMCA is dropping the M, the C and the A and just becoming the Y.

The change is part of a "brand revitalization," says the organization, making a change after 166 years.
Neil Nicoll, president of the YMCA of the USA, said the change was vital to communicate "our story, bringing more people to the place where they can realize the benefits we bring." And Audrey Haynes, the vice president, said it was a "momentous event in the history of the Y." She added the new logo was a symbol that "honors our past and represents our future".

So, from now on, it's just the one letter, though available in five different color combos. Just don't tell the Village People.

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