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Need To Know: Electroqueer's Raj Rudolph

Gone are the days of esteemed music journalists sitting in their ivory towers sending down messages to the masses proclaiming what they should listen to and what they should avoid. Now, anyone with a computer can launch their own site and pontificate about whomever and whatever they choose. However, it takes impeccable taste and an ear firmly attuned to the newest, hottest bands and trends to survive in a such a fickle realm. Luckily (for us and for him) those are exactly the qualities Raj Rudolph, founder of the pop and electro music blog, possesses.

We caught up with Raj on one of his recent trips to the U.S. (he currently lives in the U.K.) to chat about life as a blogger, how the Internet is changing the music industry, and what exactly makes a band "electroqueer":

For more on Raj and Electroqueer, which also features interviews with some of the biggest names in pop music, check out the site here.


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