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Tasteful Male Nudes For The Gay Home #4

Sometimes a piece of art is so spectacular that simply setting it on your coffee table is not enough. This is just such a piece. "The Vitruvian Collection" (inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, obviously), brings you this startling 19" high resin cast that hangs on the wall. That's right, the wall.

Just half close your eyes and picture it on your wall at home. Now picture the reaction of guests and loved ones when they come in and first see it. That's right, and only $69.99 (plus $16.95 shipping and handling: you can't cut corners when shipping art). From the product description: "This cold cast resin wall hanging of a nude man with another person's hand running up his back, the other hand grabbing his rear, is called 'Desire.'"

Now, it doesn't specify it's a man's arms but look at the size of the hands: it's either a dude or one of those muscley Soviet-era weightlifter ladies, and the person being groped is really tiny. It is, the makers declare, "a great conversation starter, and is sure to attract attention."

They're right there: rush now, while there's still some available.

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