Rome’s Greatest Flame


What better tribute to Rome’s most openly gay emperor, than to mark his most famous landmark with a line of flaming torches?

Hadrian’s Wall cuts 84 miles across the north of England from coast to coast, marking the most northerly boundary of empire. Back in the day (it was started in 122AD) it kept out the marauding Scots tribes.
This weekend past, 500 volunteers lit gas-powered torches along its length (these days it’s mostly a line of stones) to mark British Tourism Week (Scots are slightly more welcome in England than in those days).

Hardian, of course, was one of Rome’s so-called “Five Good Emperors” and had a rather public and clearly heartfelt relationship with a handsome Greek lad called Antinous. When the boy drowned in mysterious circumstances in the Nile, Hadrian had him deified and founded a city in his honor.

So, raise a glass – and a torch – to our favorite gayncient!

More info about the wall can be found here.



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