The Losers Heads to the Big Screen

The trailer for the upcoming movie The Losers may seem like your usual run-of-the-mill action movie, but if it takes any cues from its intelligent source material, it could be the thinking person's G.I. Joe. Based on the critically acclaimed Vertigo comic series that ran for three years, the film stars Zoe Saldana (Star Trek and Avatar) and uber-hotty Chris Evans as part of a team of black ops that was betrayed by the CIA and now fights to reveal their secrets and bring down the man who wants them dead.

Chris Evans (whose gay brother, Scott, can be seen on One Life to Live) is certainly filling up his geek resume with previous turns as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies and last year's Push with Dakota Fanning. He now takes on the role of Jensen, the wise-cracking computer genius of the team, and he must've been breaking codes at the gym because he could win an award for Hottest Hacker (lets pray for some Fantastic Four-style shirtless shots). From the look of the trailer it seems this movie promises plenty of sex and action, and though there is no spandex in sight, this could turn out to be spring's sole comic-inspired offering (until May's Iron Man 2).

If you are still on the fence, check out the various collected trade paperbacks of the 32-issue series, and hopefully you will be swayed by the multi-layered plots and some of the best comic writing of the past decade... or, if all else fails, just enjoy looking at all the hot people running from explosions.

The Losers is out in April.


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