Martina McBride Shines On

There was the under-the-stage lift. The ensemble -- boots, spandex/leather pants, a sparkly vest and the Pat Benatar ’do (incidentally, not the first time Martina’s been inspired by the iconic rocker ...), hair-blowing wind machines (imagine what they could’ve done to Adkin’s hair, which was longer than his female tour mate). Oh -- and that wine glass full of ... water?

Martina was all diva, without the bitchy attitude or oversize ego. And with that flawless voice, she was superhuman diva, performing runs that threatened to knock over her petite little frame. The Kansas-born singer proved to be a consummate pro at everything -- nailing glory notes, swinging her tiny tush like a pendulum, tackling covers like the tour-apropos “Lean on Me” and zipping from one end of the stage to the other ... in high heels. She was even a witty quipster. Explaining what she had in common with Trace’s music about badonkadonks and hot moms, Martina said, in so many words: She has one, and she is one.

Besides a slew of songs from her latest release, Shine, she culled her setlist from her extensive catalog -- singing on a moving crescent moon during the tear jerking heart breaker “Concrete Angel," greeting fans with off-stage hugs and handshakes during “This One’s for the Girls,” and rabble-rousing during “Independence Day.” The concert was so good even Kid Rock got in on the action. Before he surprised everyone and sauntered out to duet with her on “Picture,” Martina called him a “badass," which actually pretty much sums up the entire show.


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