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Carlos Cuaron's Rudo y Cursi

The film is enjoyable, sure, but perhaps a little generic. EXCEPT! This is the onscreen reunion of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna! Let's not forget that both actors' careers were launched with 2001's Y tu mama tambien, which features the two incredibly cute young biscuits in some sexually ambiguous scenes. Not that that's what the movie was about really...but I'm just saying. Also, Y tu mama tambien was directed by Alphonse Cuaron, while Rudo y Cursi was directed by his brother, Carlos Cuaron. Odd, then, that Carlos would choose sibling rivalry and instant fame as the main focuses of his directorial debut... starring the same leads... only now, these leads are suddenly famous... how meta!!!

Since the comparison begs to be made, Y tu mama tambien is a much better film, and has much better performances from both Bernal and Luna. But Rudo y Cursi isn't really trying to be its older brother in any way, shape or form. It's more of a off-color romp, full of melodramatic comedy that both Bernal and Luna -- who have become extremely close since they first met -- seem noticeably excited to star in.


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