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My Little ... Alien?

When I was growing up, I was arguably the gayest creature on the planet. While my brothers were busy waging otherworldly wars with their action figures, I spent my time trying to get He-Man's plastic furry underwear off. My parents were probably (certainly?) befuddled by their up-and-coming queer, but God bless 'em, they never batted an eyelash or let on that anything was "wrong," which is quite a feat considering I grew up in Wisconsin in the early '80s.

My favorite toys were My Little Ponies. I must have had 12 or 14 of them -- unicorn ponies and pegasus ponies and sea horses ponies you could take in the bathtub. Pink ponies and mint green ponies and ponies that smelled like cotton candy and ponies that were dipped in glitter. One Christmas when I awoke to find the My Little Pony stable sitting under our tree I thought I'd died and gone to little homo heaven.

So when I ran across artist Mari Kasurinen's AMAZING cinematic takes on My Little Ponies I almost wet my faux leather office (full disclosure: cubicle) chair. Kasurinen has taken the beloved ponies of my youth and turned them into Storm Troopers and Edward Scissorhands, the Joker from Batman, and my personal favorite, the alien from Alien. As if the very concept wasn't genius enough -- the execution is just as brilliant. The ponies are available for purchase for around $400 which seems like a small price to pay to be transported back to my youth without having to catch a flight to Wisco to rifle through my mother's attic.


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