Lil' Jon scores Miley's digits

Lil' Jon scores Miley's digits

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Call it fate, call it destiny, call it the universe operating in strange and wonderous and wacky ways, but Lil' John just realized that the new phone number he was recently assigned was once Miley Cyrus'. “I was basically in shock, like how did that happen?!” he said in a statement to Access Hollywood. “Especially when I get texts like ‘CONGRATULATIONS ON TEEN VOGUE!’”

Still, Lil' Jon isn't giving up the digits. “I’m gonna keep it cause I don’t answer numbers I don’t know any way!” he said, adding that he’s a fan of the “Hannah Montana” star.

“Yeah, I like Miley! My son likes her show!” he said. “I’ll probably run into her at some award show.”

Sure, "your son" likes "her show." Mmmhmm. Right. Uh-huh.

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