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Truman Says

Passing Judgment: The Inaugural Balls

Spike Lee looks a little quirky, yes. But this was an inauguration that allowed for a little fun. So top hat away, my friend!

We're kinda diggin' what Kanye's doing here. You can never go wrong with a classic tux, but the fact that he added the sunglasses and leather gloves gives the ensemble a youthful edge.

While a full white tux always makes a statement, we love's English bowler hat. They're all over the runways in Milan right now -- perhaps he's been taking note?

Oh, Don King. We're excited too. But you're clearly revealing the oh-so thin line between excitement and just plain crazy.

John Legend gets top marks for his chic look. We'd normally call for a tie at such a formal occasion, but he was performing that night so we'll excuse the loose collar.

While his tie might be just a tad bright, we appreciate Gerard Butler's willingness to go festive. And -- hell -- as broodingly sexy as he is we could care less what he's wearing.

Jeffrey Wright's suit, while stylish and appropriate, looks a bit too small (and is it just us or does his head look REALLY big here?). Still, only minor deductions.

Again, the Jonas Brothers. Nick (center), gets the top prize for taking a risk with that loud but totally perfect shirt for a tween-rocker.

Tim Daly must have come from God knows where with Josh Lucas. His ensemble is better, but he's looking equally rough. Clearly the party started before the party.


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