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TikTok Star Noah Beck Opens Up About & Clarifies His Sexuality

TikTok Star Noah Beck Opens Up About & Clarifies His Sexuality

noah beck
Instagram (@noahbeck)/Screengrab via YouTube

The popular social media influencer is setting the record straight.

Noah Beck is a popular TikToker and former soccer player who, for a long time, has had rumors that he is gay. Now, after one TikTok of his went viral for seemingly showing him confirming the rumors, he’s clarified his sexuality.

Beck, who played soccer in college at the University of Portland, became famous on TikTok during the pandemic. He dated fellow influencer Dixie D’Amelio before the two broke up.

In 2021, he was on the cover of VMan dressed in fishnet tights, jeans, eyeliner, and stilettos. Throughout much of his career, fans have speculated about his sexuality.


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A video of Beck was going viral on Tiktok after it showed him dancing on stage with a female singer in the Bahamas, and the singer saying “I know you’re gay, just go with it,” to his laughter and delight.

As Beck had posted the video on his own social media, many of his fans (who already theorized he was gay) took this to be a coming-out video from the celeb and started to celebrate.


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Now, Beck has done an interview with Zach Sang clarifying what the video was about. He said that he was in the Bahamas for a friend’s birthday when they went to a burlesque show and he was pulled up on stage.

He said that he was nervous being onstage in front of a big crowd and so he tensed up. That’s when the show’s host made the joke.

“I think we were dancing for like a minute up there, a minute right? And there comes a point where I’m trying to, like, slip away, I’m like, ‘get me off this,’” he said. “And she knew that right? And she said that. And I didn’t think anything about it.”


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Beck continued to say that he thought the video was funny and he knows that his sexuality is a topic that fans often bring up, so “I thought it was funny to just kind of throw it out there.”

“People were like, ‘Is this a coming-out video?’ And I was like, ‘no, it’s just a funny video.”

“So you're not coming out?” the host asked Beck.

“No. People have a hard time… I grew up with two sisters, I grew up playing soccer, and I grew up in a very female-dominated household and I’m just not afraid to be in touch with my feminine side.” He also addressed fans who he called “aggressive” in their beliefs on his sexuality. “They’re like ‘Oh no there’s no way he’s not,’ and I’m like, ‘what’s even the point of saying anything?’” he said.

He also talked about how he thinks social media is allowing men to explore their femininity and cited Harry Styles as an example of a man he looks up to who is willing to push the boundaries of masculinity.

Watch Noah's full interview with Zach Sang in the video below.

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