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TikTok Stars Nicky Champa & Pierre Boo Are Ending Their Marriage

TikTok Stars Nicky Champa & Pierre Boo Are Ending Their Marriage

TikTok Stars Nicky Champa & Pierre Boo Are Ending Their Marriage
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Champa talks to Out about the end of his relationship (both romantic and creative) to Boo, who he had been with since 2017 and married to since 2022.

Popular social media influencers and husbands Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo are officially ending their relationship.

After tying the knot in August of 2022, the couple, who had been together for nearly 6 and a half years after becoming boyfriends in 2017, have decided to part ways.

"With social media, it's a bit complicated. Our relationship became a brand," Champa exclusively tells Out about his and Boo's decision.

He continued:

"I want to say I have nothing but love and respect for this person. I spent my entire twenties with this person. I grew up with this person. He's a very special person and will always remain that way for me."

The 27-year-old credits his and Boo's nine-year age gap (Boo is 36 years old) and the constant pressures of being social media stars as contributing factors to the end of their relationship.

"I think as you age, you kind of realize different things," he said. "Then on top of it, the social media aspect of it and people constantly comparing ourselves to each other and the pressure of maintaining this image. It almost became, I would tell people, like a Black Mirror episode."

"It was almost like I felt trapped within an ideology of what we've become," he continued. "I can only speak for myself. I lost myself in this relationship, incredibly. I sacrificed a lot for this relationship. I dedicated myself to this relationship and the brand that we were building. I think that at this stage in my life, I had to choose me and pick me first. And I think [Pierre] had to do the same, and that's the direction we're heading in."

Screengrab via Instagram (@itspierreboo)

Boo (whose real name is Pierre Amaury Crespeau) took to his Instagram Stories earlier today (July 9) to post a short announcement signaling to his and Champa's followers that they had split.

"We broke up," Boo wrote.

Most known for their respective TikTok accounts (Nicky has 13.3 million followers and Pierre has 13.7 million, at the time of writing), the two made a name for themselves creating content about their daily lives and travels as a gay couple.

The two also shared a joint YouTube account, where they had nearly 2.5 million subscribers tuning into their videos.

Post-breakup, Champa says he and Pierre will no longer be creating content together, as they are now both focusing on different stages in their career.

"I will be continuing my own process," Champa tells Out. "I recently started working with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and I want to focus more on acting and modeling. So that's my pursuit and also social media on top of it.

"I think my biggest goal is to find my voice," Champa continued. "I think that for a long time I was kind of shadowed by the brand that we created and I didn't have the platform or space to be myself. That's what my focus will be going forward."

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