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Lauv On Exploring His Sexuality: 'I'm Gay But I'm Not Gay But I'm Gay'

Lauv On Exploring His Sexuality: 'I'm Gay But I'm Not Gay But I'm Gay'


The 28-year-old singer is exploring — and we love this for him!

Lauv is known for his own hits, like “I Like Me Better,” and for the songs he’s written for others, like Charli XCX’s “Boys,” but lately, he’s been known for opening up about his sexuality.


Something thats been on this ol’ mind of mine 🪗😅🤠🎷💅

♬ Love U Like That - Lauv

In a new TikTok, Lauv has come up with a new label for himself to help process the journey he’s currently on.

“I’m gay but I’m not gay but I’m gay but I’m not gay,” the 28-year-old singer wrote over a video of his face.

Hey, if it takes you some time to figure out what exact label works for you, that’s okay! Maybe you're gay, maybe you're bi, maybe you're pan or queer or trans! Exploring is what life is all about!

Last week, Lauv posted a video on YouTube and Instagram where he talked about his life, upcoming music, and his identity.

“I’m going through an interesting time, where for years, you may know I’ve struggled with OCD and anxiety really badly,” he says in the video. “And one of the things I’ve obsessed about has been my sexuality.”

He said that he started thinking about his sexuality in childhood, but really began exploring it in his 20s.

“I’ve pushed it down a lot and I felt like this is anxiety and not actually a real thing,” he said. “Like I would feel feelings or like feel a connection or a vibe or desire or something, and would just shut it down. Obviously I’ve dated exclusively women in my life so far.”

Lauv had previously been dating fellow singer Sophie Cates, but it appears the two might be broken up now.

The singer apologized in the video for struggling to talk about his sexuality, something that we all understand and needs no apology. He said that one of his “life missions” is to be open and honest with everyone, and wants to let his fans in on his journey.

“I don’t really have any particular answers yet, other than it’s something that I’m exploring in my music and exploring in my mind, and I’m going to be exploring in my life.”


Does it have to be that big of a deal? i havent done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wannna jump the gun but tbh i feel things and i dont wanna pretend i dont. :)

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Lauv has previously talked about his sexuality earlier this year during Pride Month.

In June, Lauv (whose real name is Ari Staprans Leff) posted a TikTok of himself dancing in a car listening to music. But it wasn’t his dancing that drew attention.

Lauv captioned his dance with “when ur dating a girl but ur also a lil bit into men” and “Does it have to be that big of a deal? I haven’t done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wanna jump the gun but tbh I feel things and I don’t wanna pretend I don’t.”

Lauv has a new song called “Love U Like That” that comes out this Friday and that he says is a part of his new musical journey. The art for the single shows a purple lipstick mark, which could indicate it’s a queer love song.

Good luck to Lauv on this journey of exploration! We hope you find the right person or people and labels that make you happy and we thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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