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TikTok Stars Nicky Champa & Pierre Boo Explain Their Breakup in New Video

TikTok Stars Nicky Champa & Pierre Boo Explain Their Breakup in New Video

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo
YouTube (@NickyandPierre)

They hadn’t seen each out in a while, but got together to talk directly to fans about their breakup.

There's a new chapter in the divorce saga between popular influencers Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo.

The TikTok stars first announced their breakup to Out back in July, sharing exclusive statements that detailed why they were choosing to go their separate ways. Among the reasons was the pressure of having such a public relationship all over social media, noting that they had become a “brand” over just being a couple.

Now, Champa and Boo have shared a new video on their joint YouTube channel, which has over 2.5 million subscribers. In the video, Champa and Boo talk about not having seen each other “for a little bit,” but admit that it was important to give fans some “closure” that came directly from them.

They also address their different styles of coping with this breakup on social media.

“I took a break from social media. That was my way to process,” Boo explains. “I just decided to take a pause to go over my emotions. I’m more the type of guy that is ice cream and Netflix and curtains closed and couch.”

Champa chimes in, saying, “Whereas I am someone that doesn’t do that. I’m someone that can’t be alone by myself, especially during hard times. I have to surround myself with friends, I have to distract myself, I have to travel. So that’s what I did.”

Overall, there are a lot of moments of silence throughout the video as Champa and Boo try to explain their feelings while being recorded and standing side by side. They thank their fans for supporting them for so long. They also express gratitude toward the fans who helped them expand their personal and professional horizons.

On a personal note, Champa talks about being around 20 years old when he first met Boo.

“I grew up with you,” Champa tells Boo, acknowledging that he is now dealing with this breakup as a 27-year-old man who’s grown a lot during their relationship. The couple also suggests that the 10-year gap between them might’ve played a role in their lives together.

Toward the end of the video, Boo and Champa admit that it’s “sad” they’re no longer going to be together, but vow to remain friends moving forward. Champa gets very teary-eyed and fights back the tears, whereas Boo tells him that it’s okay if he wants to cry.

Champa and Boo conclude the video by saying that they’ll keep their YouTube channel active as a “little archive” of their time together. They also throw around the idea of reuniting to do a “check-in video” in a few months so that fans can stay updated on how they’re doing.

We’re sending all our love to Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo!

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