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Tom Daley Talks New Memoir, Evolving As an Athlete, & Becoming a Parent

Tom Daley Talks New Memoir, Evolving As an Athlete, & Becoming a Parent


The Olympic diver, husband, father, and LGBTQ+ activist opened up in a recent interview with Pride Today.

From winning Olympic gold medals to parenting a young child to writing best-selling books, Tom Daley can do it all.

In a brand new interview with Pride Today's Stephen Walker, Daley talked about the importance of telling his own story through his new memoir, Coming Up for Air, which is now available for sale in the U.S.

"I was nervous about my grandparents reading [the book] because when I came out it was, you know, there were lots of [different reactions in] my family," Daley revealed. "Most of my family and friends were completely fine with it, but a couple of family members weren't necessarily on board right from the beginning - which was terrifying for me because you always just think that your family is going to love you regardless."

From getting bullied as a young kid, competing in several Olympic Games, losing his father in 2011, and becoming a parent alongside his husband Dustin Lance Black, no topic was off-limits for the British diver, who recently appeared on the May/June 2022 cover of The Advocate.

"As soon as you're a father, your kid becomes priority number one. It's like, that's the most important thing. You start to see things slightly differently. So, when you go to the pool or if you don't have a good day at the pool, you don't define yourself by your performance all the time."

As expected, Daley also took some time to talk about his absolute favorite hobby, knitting, while revealing that he didn't face any issues going through TSA.

"You can get knitting needles on planes - which is kind of weird, actually, when you think about it. [They're] like, long metal spikes. But I've got it through. I've also brought some crochet hooks. (...) I want to learn how to sew, I want to learn how to make clothes, and go into the fashion space. I'd really love that."

Watch Tom Daley's full Pride Today interview in the video below.

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