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Actor Anthony Rapp Got Engaged — Yes, Again!

Anthony Rapp and his fiance for their second engagement.

He proposed the first time so it's only right that his boyfriend get the chance.

The cool thing about love and relationships is that you can really do whatever you want to -- well, with consent and all that jazz! Whatever the tradition is, you can really do things however best fits you and your partner. We saw that clearly on Netflix's Love is Blind when Damian got on his knee to propose to (SPOILER) Giannina. Instead of saying yes, she requested that he, instead, stand up as she got on her knees to propose to him. Looks like Anthony Rapp's fiance Ken Ithiphol was feeling some of that energy. Kind of..

Though they've been engaged for five months now since Rapp popped the question, Ithiphol turned the tables recently.

"So this happened," Rapp wrote in a Twitter post. "Yes, we are already engaged but I proposed to Ken. This time, in the most incredible setting imaginable -- Boynton Canyon in Sedona -- he proposed to me. I as blown away and of course said yes. I feel so lucky." My heart!

Rapp included with the post, a photo of the proposal.

Does a second engagement mean a second set of engagement photos? The first ones were so good! We would be game for another set!

For the first series, the couple had photographers Mitch Colagrossi and Savanna Paige shoot them in New York City in January.

"They have a passion that even we were only able to capture a glimpse of, as their love is so much more genuine and intense than what can be documented through photography alone," Paige wrote in a blog post about the shoot. "[Anthony] and Ken both have such a sweet, funny, affectionate nature between the two of them. I think maybe that was our biggest takeaway from our time with them. To hell with constraint, with hiding emotions for the sake of social niceties. Ken and Anthony are who they want to be with each other, unapologetically, and we admire that beyond words."

Love wins ... again!

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