Need to Know: Carlos Lerma

Need to Know: Carlos Lerma

A teenage interest in video games and movies led Carlos Lerma to a career in graphic design “I just wanted to tell stories,” he says. And he does, channelling his talent into an exhilarating and vigorous fusion of cartoon and cubism that gives a clear sense of his subject’s character. And with assignments like creating concert posters for bands like Gorillaz, Radiohead, and The Drift, there’s plenty of material.

Now that he’s earned a reputation in his industry, Lerma’s delving further into his two passions, animation, and comics, including the independent title The Nermigos. “I want to start doing more complete work,” he says. “I’ve already done a bit of comics and animation and I want to do more of that. Also, I want to try my hand at art directing a video game.” We’d play it.

For more examples of the prolific artist's work, visit his tumblr. And check out these sketches of "sexiest actor" Benedict Cumberbatch below:



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