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Heidi N Closet Reveals a Challenge Was Cut From Drag Race Season 12

Heidi N Closet Reveals a Challenge Was Cut From Drag Race Season 12

Heidi N Closet

A staple challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race was edited out from the season.

Reading was not fundamental, I guess.

Miss Congeniality winner Heidi N Closet has revealed that RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 did, in fact, have a reading challenge. However, it was ultimately edited out of the show due to how "bad" the queens' performances were during it.

Ms. Closet took to Twitter to share this behind-the-scenes secret with Drag Race fans, writing:

"Just realized I can say this. Season 12 did have a traditional reading challenge at top six. However, the reading challenge was so bad we were told they couldn't use it and got scraped lol."

Many Drag Race fans stormed to the replies to ask Closet a few questions. For instance, one fan asked if the Reading challenge still had a winner (even if it was bad overall), to which Closet responded:

"No one."

When asked if the mini challenge was edited out because disqualified contestant Sherry Pie had won it, Closet noted that this was not the case. The Miss Congeniality winner tweeted:

"No, they were actually the worst and instead of reading they gave everyone compliments."

Some fans long assumed that the reading challenge of season 12 had been a shady product sponsorship mini challenge featured on the show (brought to you by FabFitFun), but it turns out that a classic reading challenge did happen while filming - it just didn't make it to the final cut.

RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race season two airs Fridays on VH1.

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