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Watch Drag Race Season 13 Queens Drag Each Other in Reading Challenge

Drag Race season 13 reading challenge.

Also, Kandy Muse is actually feeling bad for sending home Tamisha Iman.

Well ladies, we're back in the library.

After a pretty heavy dragging session two weeks ago between Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman that marks one of the most heated exchanges in RuPaul's Drag Racefranchise herstory, the queens are going back and forth at one another in a more controlled environment. In a new clip from the series, the queens return to the Werk Room after Muse sent Iman home in a Lip Sync For Your Life. Surprisingly, Muse isn't feeling the vindication she hoped for and finds herself slightly sad that she sent the icon home. Still, it puts her one step closer to the crown she ultimately wants.

The next day the queens are back in the Werk Room for one of the show's longest-running recurring mini-challenges: the reading challenge. RuPaul Charles tips into the room in a wide-legged trouser and a pair of heels from Syro, one of our favorite queer-owned brands -- he's worn the brand before, as has Sam Smith and Billy Porter. Hee gives a little preamble and "the library is open."

Rose gets off a few zingers, as does Denali Fox. But it's one Gottmik who comes out swinging early. After a cute back and forth with Tina Burner, she calls Muse a pug ... and I -- whew! Symone, understandably, also knocks it out of the park. In the end, it's Gottmik who walks away with the win.

For the maxi-challenge this week the queens will improv for the show Bossy Rossy, After Dark. 2019 Out100 honoree and living legend Ts Madison is the guest judge.

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